Scenario Vessel Packs

Scenario Vessel packs contain vessel models generally designed for specific scenarios that come with the packs.  Please read all of the descriptions in the various packs to be sure of getting what you want.


Printed Vessel Card Stock sets - Buy 1 get 1 - while Supplies last!
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Cardstock Vessel Card Sets 

We still have a limited supply of printed Vessel Card Sets. These are the same type cards as those cards contained in our printed BSBW rules. These printed cards are being discontinued and replaced by our PDF cards and PDF Roll Out Tables.

Order 1 set of cards and get an additional set at no additional cost - while supplies last. The additional set must be of lesser value than the purchased set.

Purchaser must send an email to directly after the order of the purchased set to request the additional set.

The various sets may include different vessel cards for Battleships, Monitors, Armoured, Protected, Unprotected Cruisers, Large Torpedo Boats, and Destroyers and Gunboats. The cardstock sets contain a large amount of information regarding the vessels.

Please read each description in its entirety to ensure you order what you desire.

Note that the illustrations of the cards in the thumbnails here may not be entirely clear. They are clear in the printed product. 

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