Scenario Vessel Packs

Scenario Vessel packs contain vessel models generally designed for specific scenarios that come with the packs.  Please read all of the descriptions in the various packs to be sure of getting what you want.


Game Mats, Shore Batteries, Torpedo Templates
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Tactical Terrain Mats

Our mats come in 3 varieties of high-quality colored fleece.   They are approx. 48 x 74 inches.  $30.00 Each

        Sea - medium blue variations can represent Ocean or Sea Waters with waves.

       Steppe - light brown variations can represent Beach or Desert landscapes.

       Foliage - medium green variations can represent Grass or Forested landscapes.


Shore Batteries are now available. 

          Each with four embrasures, 1 gun in each, with a sloped front on the battery.


Acrylic Torpedo Templates are now available.

           Torpedo Templates make for a faster resolution of torpedo strikes. 


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