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Game Mats, Shore Batteries, Torpedo Templates

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Tactical Terrain Mats

These mats come in 3 varieties of high-quality colored fleece.   They are approx. 58 x 70 inches.  $30.00 Each


Sea - medium blue variations can represent Ocean or Sea Waters with waves.

Steppe - light brown variations can represent Beach or Desert landscapes.

Foliage - medium green variations can represent Grass or Forested landscapes.


Shore Batteries 

Shore Batteries are 3D printed plastic approximately 3.25" at the widest point. Represents four embrasures, 1 gun in each, with a sloped front on the battery.


Acrylic  Torpedo Templates

Our Torpedo Templates make for a faster resolution of torpedo strikes. They are printed in clear acrylic with laser cut angles and lettering. Includes two sizes, one for larger craft and one for smaller craft with a cut out in the center of each to easily line up with the midship points of the target vessel. One large 4.5" and one smaller 3".


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