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Scenario Packs -Various Prices - #1 Manila Bay Pack - #2 Germans at Manila Pack - #3 Santiago Pack

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The posted Photos above do not represent the latest vessels made in 3D printing as many original resin vessels have been replaced by 3D printed ones. If you have a question please contact us.

Please read all of the details for each pack below to ensure you receive the ships you want.


Fleet pack #1  -  Manila Scenario Pack - USA and Spain at Manila  

This pack includes the following 26 vessels:  (Scenario Sheet is included).  A number of ships from this pack are featured in the scenarios of packs #2 and #3.

United States  - Olympia,  Baltimore, Raleigh, Boston, Concord, Petrel,  3 Sea Going Torpedo Boats.

Spanish  -  Cristina,  Castilla,  Ulloa,  Don Juan,  Velesco,  Cuba,  Luzon,  Duero,  Lezo,  Corero,  El Cano,  3 Destroyers,  3 Coastal Torpedo Boats.

Scenario Sheet Highlights - The Ships at Manila Bay 1898 - More details are on the included scenario sheet

United States: as listed above

Engaged Spanish Vessels: as listed above 

Unengaged Spanish Vessels: The Spanish had 19 torpedo tubes on their ships but none of which could work.  Velasco, an unprotected Cruiser whose guns were removed to  Caballo Island.  Gunboats El Coreo and General Lezo had their guns removed to El Fraile Island.

Spanish Shore Defenses:
Fort San Antonio in Manila: Differing guns, only the 9.4-inch guns were able at extreme range to reach Dewey.
Cañacao battery: Located in the town of Cañacao. Armed with a single 4.7-inch gun. It did not fire.
Sangley Point battery: Located at the Cavite Naval Base with two 5.9-inch guns.

The above is the unbalanced historical scenario:
When we playtested we made all Spanish vessels operable, gave them 3 destroyers (large torpedoes) and all torpedo tubes were considered to be working on their other vessels. The Americans were given 3 seagoing torpedo boats (large torpedoes).


Fleet Pack #2   German/Spanish Intervention at Manila Scenario Pack provides the extra ships needed to play the 3 scenarios as described for this Expansion - 12 new Ship Cards and Scenario Sheet(s) for this expansion are included.

Note that (The Manila American Fleet from Fleet Pack #1) and three Generic Destroyers (for the Spanish also from (Fleet Pack #1) ) and their vessel cards  from the Black Smoke Blue Water Rules set are required to play the scenarios as written for this expansion).

This ship pack's  14 vessels are:

Germany -  K Agusta, P Irene, P Wilhelm, IC Kaiser, Comoran, Gefion  

USA - Monterey, Monadnock, Oregon, Charleston (using a Baltimore)

Spain - Pelayo, Lepanto, Alphonso III, Carlos V


GERMAN interest in the PHILIPPINES

Dewey sinks Diederichs' squadron and the Germans fall back out of the Philippines (maybe).

Dewey placed a naval blockade against all foreign warships to not enter Manila Bay, but he had a problem. He had destroyed the Spanish squadron but could not take custody of Manila City. This would require manpower greater than what was available from his vessels. 

By mid-June, a German presence had grown to 5 ships with gun power approaching that of the American squadron. News of the “party” caused excitement among other nations. The British, the French, the Japanese each sent a cruiser to “observe” the show.  More bad news followed for the American Fleet.   A Spanish Reserve Fleet, under Admiral Camara, left Spain and was nearing the Suez Canal toward Manila. It consisted of a battleship, armored cruiser, a protected cruiser, 2 auxiliary cruisers, 3 destroyers, and 2 troop-transports. Should the Germans join the Spaniards, the results would not be good. Dewey immediately requested that the monitors Monadnock and Monterey be sent from San Francisco for heavy albeit slow, gun support.


Scenario highlights

Alt-History Scenario 1: June 19, 1898 ……, Maybe a Dead Heat ……with Germany

The German East Cruiser Division (Kreuzerdivision in Ostasien) under Rear Admiral Otto von Diederichs crosses Manila bay from the Northwest under full speed at dawn from the east table edge. Dewey’s complete fleet is anchored off the Malate Battery which has been silenced.  German Squadron = Kaiserin Augusta (flag), Frigate Kaiser, Prinzess Irene, Prinzess Wilhelm, and Cormoran.  Things don’t look good for Dewey..............

Alt-History Scenario 2: August 27, 1898 ……. Relief Force Arrives at Dawn………with Spain's Eastern Fleet

The Spanish ships had cost more to build but the large, slow, monitor Monterey that has joined Dewey may be a tough cookie to deal with. It was designed to be at its best when defending sheltered bay waters.

The Spanish Admiral may have a difficult battle on his hands and needs to use his Destroyers to their best effect. Spanish Relief Force under Rear Admiral Camara = Pelayo, Carlos V, Alfonso XIII, Lepanto, Destroyers - Audaz, Osado, Proserpina.

Alt-History Scenario 3: August 31, 1898 ……. It’s Now or Never for the Germans and Spain against a beefed-up USA Fleet………

The Spanish from Scenario 2 and the Germans fight together in this one and have more points, but the American heavy guns and armor (Oregon and 2 Monitors) may win the day. The Spanish and Germans will need good torpedo use to hurt the US heavies.  The USS Oregon may well be the deciding factor here.


Fleet Pack #3 - Santiago de Cuba Scenario Pack- Scenario Sheet is included.

Note that..... (You will need  Charleston, Alphonso III, and Lepanto from the German Intervention Pack (Fleet Pack#2) to play the 3 scenarios as written for this expansion.)

This pack includes the following 24 vessels:

United States (12) - Brooklyn, New York, Massachusettes, Oregon Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Cincinnati, Puritan (similar to Monterey), Amphitrite, Miantonomah, Terror.

Spanish (12)- Vizcaya, Oquendo, Teresa, Colon, Cataluna, Cardenal, Pricess Austurias, 5 Generic Destroyers.


Our Standard Vessel models stocked are  1/1000 scale.

The Miniatures may have Sprue that may need to be removed by the purchaser as is common with many plastic or resin type models.

Models should be washed with liquid dish detergent and well rinsed and dried prior to priming.

These miniatures are intended to be used as gaming pieces, have small parts and can break.

They should not be treated as toys and please keep away from small children. 

Model vessels are copyright 2015-2020 Deadly Warfare Games.



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