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Roll Out Table - vessel data PDF

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Roll Out Table PDF version,   is a  PDF database of all of our current Pre-Dreadnought vessels.

It is an "annex" that includes the same kinds of data for each of the 170+ ship models that appear on the printed BSBW vessel cards.

Use this information with the blank Vessel Card forms that are part of the Black Smoke Blue Water rules.  

No photo description available.

Current Nation's Major vessels represented are: 

Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, France, Generic (Small Common Vessels), Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and the USA.


This first version of the rollout table for our current 170 Black Smoke Blue Water vessels, contains 53 columns of information:

Vessel Type
Ship Point Value – A calculation that assigns a cost for each ship to build scenario lists with.
Hull Calculation – based on a tonnage size factor

Four gun sizes: - Guns including the number, the size, and gun ranges and penetrations. They are Primary, Secondary, Quick-Fire, and Gatlings.

Armor amounts for primary, secondary, quick-fire, water line, upper hull, conning tower/bridge, deck, and vitals positions.

Movement speeds, acceleration, and de-acceleration values.

Turning ability (Tactical Diameters) and Ramming Powers

Gun Power Hull Damage and Rate of Fire

Torpedoes - Fast and slow speeds – Damage power and sizes.

Launch Year of the vessel, number of crew and other sister ship vessels of the same class.

Other Specific Details or notes regarding the particular vessel(s)


We have created a PDF blank vessel card to use with the PDF Roll Out Table. It will be included with those purchasing the table.

This card does not require an overhead plan of the vessel. It has boxes similar to the Generic Ship Records that come with the rules. Looking forward, as we advance more vessels we intend to re-fine the table from time to time.

Once purchased, they will be emailed as a PDF attachment file to the email address in your customer profile.

Check to make sure you are not blocking an email from blacksmoke.bluewater@gmail.com.

Pennsylvania code requires all orders via electronic transfer to remit  6% PA Sales Tax.

The PDF Roll Out  Table pages are MARKED with the buyer's name and order number on the bottom of each page away from the written Data areas in the margin.

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