Scenario Vessel Packs

Scenario Vessel packs contain vessel models generally designed for specific scenarios that come with the packs.  Please read all of the descriptions in the various packs to be sure of getting what you want.


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Printed Rules for scale Pre-Dreadnought ship gaming models 


Black Smoke Blue Water rules are designed for quick play.  There are optional simulation and alternate history rules that can be added for greater complexity, by bringing some more modern yet familiar weapons from naval history years earlier.  Includes Airship spotting, level bombing, and fighter aircraft.

It features a unique combat system that combines die rolls and tables thus saving extra dice rolls, by deciding hit locations by colored dice randomly pulled for combat results. The system can quickly be adjusted to make combat deadlier or less deadly by altering the percentages of the various colored dice.

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Our PDF Rules and PDF Roll out Table of Ship Data are separate File product(s) that will be emailed

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