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British vessel models- various prices

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These are our British models circa the 1890's - please read all info below.

B = Battle ship type, IC = Iron Clad Type, CD = Coast Defence Battleship  AC= Armored Cruiser Type, MN= Monitor Type, PC= Protected Cruiser Type, Cr = non-armored Cruiser, GB Gunboat Type, DD Destroyer type, TT Torpedo Boat Type.



B Collingwood Anson Camperdown Howe Rodney B $9
B Centurion Barfleur B $9
B Orlando Aurora Australia Galatea Immortalite Narcissus Undaunted AC $6
B Rupert B $6
B Glatton MN $6
B Monarch - Turret Ship MN $7
B Gorgon Cyclops Hecate Hydra MN $6
B Majestic Caesar Hannibal Illustrious Magnificent Mars Pr George Victorious B $11
B Imperieuse CA $8
B Victoria SansParelli B 9$
B Benbow B 9$

B Blake Class   CA $12

B Edgar Class  PC $ 8

B Formidable B $11

B Devonshire  Class  CA $11


Standard Models stocked are 1/1000 scale.

We can custom make models on-demand in  1/1200 

Smaller Scales have a proportional loss in detail vs. larger sizes.

Custom scale models require time re-tooling our files to produce for your order.

For more info, write to us at blacksmoke.bluewater@Gmail.com

The Miniatures may have sprue that may need to be removed by the purchaser as is common with many plastic or resin type models.

Unpainted Models should be washed with liquid dish detergent and well rinsed and dried prior to priming.

These miniatures are intended to be used as gaming pieces, have small parts, and can break.
They should not be treated as toys. Please keep away from children under 10 years of age.

Model vessels are copyright Deadly Warfare Games 2016, 2019, 2020.


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