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Black Smoke Blue Water - Printed gaming rules

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Rules for scale Pre-Dreadnought ship gaming models - Version 1.1

Black Smoke Blue Water is designed for quick play with many optional, simulation and alternate history rules that can add more complexity and accuracy for those who enjoy more intense gaming details. 

It features a unique combat system that combines die rolls and tables and saves extra dice rolling by deciding hit locations by the coloured dice randomly pulled for combat results. The system can quickly be adjusted to make combat deadlier or less deadly by altering the percentages of the various colored dice.

The use of a card-based ship system with the most used tables on each vessel card saves time checking rules for most results.

These rules include a 28-page full-color Rules Booklet that comes with the Manila Bay Battle scenario + 25 other sheets consisting of, errata, rules options, tables, turning templates, Torpedo templates, game markers, hit records' vessel cards for all the vessels at the Battle of Manila Bay 1897.  In addition, several additional Ship cards as well as Destroyer, Torpedo boat, Submarine, Generic small cruisers, Air Ship and Shore battery cards are included for alternate history play.

May be used with 1/1000  to  1/3000 scale models. 4 blank vessel cards are provided for your own use.



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