Now Vessel Cards with Model Purchase !

We thank those customers who have helped us beta test the Companion site. Your feedback has been helpful. The plan was to promote our business and add value to our vessel models at no additional cost to BSBW or our customers.

The printing of the cardstock vessel cards the past three years (which are still available while supplies last), has not been cost-effective and will be discontinued shortly.

At this point, we still need refining of the Companion Site to provide cards. While not yet completely ready with the site, we are currently able to provide vessel cards in PDF format for vessel models purchased. This will be a manual process on our end until the functionality of the Companion site is completed successfully.

Effective from 5/16/2019 thru 8/31/2019, when you purchase a vessel model(s), we will provide a PDF file of the vessel card(s) to the email address registered in our customer database at no additional cost.

BSBW will not be required to provide multiple files for other vessel models (sisters), of the same ship class once a customer has acquired a particular card. The copyrighted PDF files are only for the use of the purchaser and may not be sold or distributed to others.

We will this time continue to provide card stock vessel cards or cards of a similar type for the printed version of the Black Smoke Blue Water rules during the promotional period of 5/16/2019 thru 8/31/2019.

At the end of the listed period, Deadly Warfare Games will evaluate results of this offering and may continue, modify or discontinue this offer


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